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Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business. It’s as simple as that. Healthy, engaged employees are your top competitive advantage.
— Richard Branson

Making the people stuff easy!

We offer a simple HR Business Health Check to understand what you really need help with - what are you good at, and where could you use a helping hand.

All of the packages and services below can be customised to suit your individual business - we would be happy to work out something that best suits where your business is at now, give us a call - you have everything to gain!

HR Packages

  • Ongoing Business Support (Retained services)

  • Tailored HR Solutions to meet your business or industry requirements

Core HR Services

  • Recruitment, selection and on-boarding (includes induction; making sure new recruits stay!)

  • Employee contracts (including position descriptions)

  • Remuneration and Benefit Reviews (salary and award reviews; market comparison and benchmarking)

  • Employee benefits (wellbeing days; wellness events; flexible work arrangements; etc)

  • Policies and procedures (Employee handbook i.e. company policies)

  • Organisation Culture (employee surveys/team values; community participation; etc)

  • Talent Management (succession planning; managing high performers/potential)

  • Performance Management (defining KPI’s; managing poor performance)

  • Employee Retention and /or Deployment (learning how to do it better!)


  • Mentoring and Leadership workshop facilitation

    Young stars - how do you identify them?

    New managers/supervisors - do you give them the tools they need to be awesome?

  • Management coaching

    Leadership doesn’t happen - give managers the tools to lead and they will be your greatest asset!

  • Development of High Performers

    Where are your ideas coming from? How do you harness and grow your potential talent?

  • Succession planning

    Planning for the medium/long term sustainability of your business

We were HR ignorant. We were unaware of the implications of non-compliance in matters relating to HR.
Seven Summits HR were able to quickly address our issues and we now have systems that work for us in our environment.

Seven Summits HR provides excellent management tools and we now enjoy a transparent team environment with everyone aware of procedures and policies.”
— Damian Shale, Director - Brotec Services